Getting Started with Accessories for Women

Confused? Anxious? puzzled by the many choices out there in terms of accessories for women?

fashion trendsRelax, there is help. We suggest you start with a minimalist approach to your wardrobe. But what does that mean? A minimalist wardrobe is one that was put together according to the key idea of minimalism. And that is to get rid of everything that doesn’t make you happy or enrich your life, to make space for stuff that does.

How to get started

First COLLECT INSPIRATION: look at magazines, stores’ windows, people around you, commercials, etc.

Then CLEAN UP YOUR WARDROBE: remove anything that you haven’t worn in the past year, donate things that you don’t like anymore or that don’t fit any more.

Create a MOOD BOARD with all the ideas and photos collected, the colors that inspire you and the accessories that make you smile.

Identify YOUR STYLE: by looking at your board and selecting the recurring theme.

Take a look at your current WARDROBE and select the outfits that match your style.

Take PICTURES of your outfit and keep them as reference when you go shopping for accessories.

A good starting point before launching yourself into a shopping spree at the mall is to check some inspiring images on Pinterest to stimulate ideas and find things that “speak to you”.
Now take your time and get started. have fun and always enjoy the process.

History of Fashion

Have you ever wondered: “What is fashion? Why do we care about it?”

Well, you will be surprised to know that fashion has been in existence for many, many centuries. In fact we can see fashion trends in the Roman and Greek ancient statues and frescoes and even in the oldest Egyptian artifacts. Fashion has always been with us, for as long as we remember.

Something more recent is the fashion industry, which designs clothing and accessories. It started to appear in the early 1800s and it grew bigger year after year.

Both men and women have been fascinated with the latest trend in fashion and nowadays, with the spread of wealth, everyone even children, are highly affected by fashion trends.

In modern society the media has a big influence over the way people decide to dress and select their accessories. There are even annual reports that describe what the latest color trend will be so designer and factories can be ready to produce clothing, shoes and bags in the most requested color palette. If you would like to see an example, watch this video about the latest color trends:

Fashion can also become an obsession and a frustrating hobby to keep up with. Because the latest trends demand new purchases and new accessories, this constant pursue of the latest trendy outfit can cause stress and anxiety.

So, one suggestion to keep in mind: follow the latest fashion trends keeping in mind your budget, your personality and your creativity.